signing off for a while....

hi girlies, as some of u may know, im getting married this w/e! yipppeeeeee! today is my last day full day at work, and then i am off sorting all the last minuite bits, i have ahrdly 5 mins to myself these next few days, so probs wont be able to come on here and talk to you all like normal, so i just wanted to say good luck to everyone ttc! i hope to see lots of bfp's when i get back!

i am ov'ing on the honeymoon.... well the last day of honeymoon lol. so hoping for a honeymoon bubba! so just wanted to wish everyone well! i am back on weds 9th june, so i will cath up with you all then.

love, kisses, hugs and baby dust to all....




  • Awww - I hope you have a lovely day hun - you must be super excited!!

    Fingers crossed for a honeymoon bubba for you - I'm sure you will have lots of opportunities for BD!!!

  • Have a wonderful wedding day *me* - really do enjoy it as it goes far too quick! Also good luck ttc on your moon! Fingers crossed for your BFP when you get back ...

    Happy Wedding Day xx
  • Have a wonderful wedding and here's to a honeymoon baby. All the best. x
  • Aw have lovely wedding day! Hope the weather stays nice!
    Def bring back a honey moon bean!!!

  • Good luck with the honeymoon bubba!!..lots of BDing before OV and after!! Enjoy your big day hun! it goes soooooo fast!

    lots of love ! xxxxx
  • thankyou so much girlies! eeeeeek! im so excited!
  • Congratulations! Enjoy your day. You'll feel like a princess, trust me! Can I offer one bit of advice that I learned from my wedding almost 4 years ago? Give someone else YOUR camera so you'll have some pics to look at right away rather than wait for others to give you theirs. Wish I did that :roll:

    Have a lovely honeymoon, relaxing together. Don't think about babies just be in the moment together... Having said that, make sure you get some serious last minute BD'ing in before you come home :lol:

  • hahaha noted frilly pink! great idea about giving soeone our camera! i will give it to my sis to take some piccys! thanks xxxx
  • I was kicking myself for not having any pics so I give everyone that advice!!!! I'll be thinking of you!
  • Good luck, hope you have a fabulous time!

    Hannah xx
  • awwww hunni,i hope you have a fantastic day,i no you will infact,a very busy day but mind and take time to sit back and look at it all coz it goes by so quickly

    all the best and have a fab honeymoon xxxxxx G
  • Have a wonderful day !!!
    luv clare
  • Arhhh have a great day hun and fingers crossed for a honeymoon bubba xxxx
  • Have a fantastic day on Sat, enjoy every moment as like everyone says it really does go so fast!

    You'll be in with a really good chance of a honeymoon baby too with lots of newlywed bding so fingers crossed for your bfp when you get back image x
  • Have a fantastic day hon, and enjoy the honeymoon ;\)

    We'll listen out for news of your honeymoon bubba!!
  • Have a fab day hun and an even better honeymoonimage
    fingerscrossed for a h/m bubba
  • Have a wonderful day hun, enjoy every second! xxx
  • G/C but wanted to say GOOD LUCK have a fab day and a BFP would be a fab wedding prezzy

    gembags xx
  • have a lovely day and hope u get a honeymoon baby. xx
  • Awww hiya *me*

    I hope you have a lovely day and a nice honeymoon. Hope the weather behaves. :\)
    Get BDing while your away.

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