BFP and how we did it - warning long!!!

I haven't be a regular poster on this site and haven't been on at all for a while as was trying to chill out about the whole ttc thing...however I have always found useful and reassuring information on here and particularly liked to hear how other people got to their BFP. So it seemed only fair to come on and share my story.

We had been trying for 5months and off the pill for 9 without any luck and we were both getting increasingly desparate. Everyone around us (including my best friend) seemed to be pregnant or had just given birth and we were the only ones stuck in the nightmare of ttc. I found it really hard to stay positive and relaxed and was trying a million and one different "quick fixes" to try to make it happen for us. My cycles were normal if a tiny bit short but it seemed that we were doing everything right and there was no reason for it not to be happening.

Anyway, after the crushing disapointment of my period arriving at the end of month 5 (which I realise isn't a long time compared to lots but it felt like forever) I decided to buy Zita West's book. It really resonated for me and started to get me thinking about relaxing more and trying less. I also decided to try acupuncture to see if it would give my fertility a boost after 13 years on the pill.

My acupunturist was brilliant, so reassuring and I found the treatements themselves really relaxing. We had already written off month 6 as my oh was going to be away while I ovulated so I had decided to treat the month as a month off to relax and recharge my batteries for month 7.

I spent time with my friends (had been avoiding them all due to constant baby talk), allowed myself a few drinks (well, quite a few!) and booked our summer holiday. We did try in the week before ov; the day oh left (the day before ov) and the day after he came back (2 days after ov) and I had a pillow under for a bit and then stayed lying down for a while but I didn't use ov sticks (just knew from pains and EWCM what was happening) and otherwise didn't think about babies.

Anyway, my period was due on Friday and didn't arrive. I didn't have my usual period symptoms just felt a bit tired. On the Saturday I was even more tired and had sharp lateral pains, different to ov and period. My boobs were also a bit sore and I thought they were getting bigger. None of it seemed conclusive to me and I continued to go to the loo every 10 minutes to check for signs of period. On sunday I did a test (clearblue normal) and it came up positive straight away! My oh wouldn't believe it til we had been to get a CBD, which also came up straight away!

Ever since I have felt a mixture of elation, excitement and sick fear that something will go wrong.

Sorry this is so long and so rambling, I really don't mean to brag or to rub anyone's nose in it. I really wanted to try to encourage people as I felt like giving up so often except that you know you would never give up. Me and oh fought about it a lot and it really came between us and the rest of our lives for a while which made us both more unahppy.

I would totally reccomend acupunture, I feel sure it did the trick, even just having 3 treatements. I would also recomend the Zita West guide to getting pregnant book, its so reassuring and comforting. Just a common sense approach that helps you put the worrying to one side and focus on the positives. I would also reccomend one of her tips, which is a hot water bottle on your lower tummy in the first half of your cycle particularly after sex.

We did a couple of positions, me on top and him on top but not some of the others that have been suggested on here! I did do legs in the air a bit but not obsessively this month but did stay in bed after. I also changed my vitamins from a supermarket home brand to something more expensive. oh was on a good male multivitamin, extra omega threes, gave up smoking and cut back (a bit) on drinking. he also was banned from laptop on lap and had to wear baggy clown pants!

Sorry I have gone on and on but I just hope this reassures someone who was feeling as low as I was. It is possible for it to work out even when you least expect it.

Good luck to you all.



  • Congratulations!!, I'm really pleased for you. What was the aim of the acupuncture if you dont mind me asking?
  • Congratulations. I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
  • Hi Hjanea, thank you,

    don't mind you asking at all, I wanted to try acupuncture to relax me and help me feel that I was doing something positive towards ttc so could chill out more if that makes sense? When I saw the acupuncturist for the first time she said that being on the pill can make you sub-fertile, not infertile but just suppress things for a while so she also targetted that with her treatments.

    I really would recomend it, it doesn't hurt, a small pinch when some go in and a funny sensation like a bolt of energy being realeased in some places. Mostly though I didn't realise when she had put them in or taken them out and the 30 minutes of treatment passed in a flash.

    Hope you get your bfp soon.
  • Thank you both Saint Bertie and Lula,

    Might see you in the Jan forum Saint Bertie when I am brave enough to join, think I'm due 16th or 17th.

    Good luck Lula,
  • Congratulations on your BFP. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy! xx
  • Congrats on your BFP - see you in the Jan forum! x
  • Congrats hun cu in the jan forum!!! xxxxxxx
  • Wow, thanks for that story. Inspiring. Hope you have a happy healthy 9 months. I keep thinking about accupuncture but just havn't got the time! Congrats.
  • congratulations!!!! hope all goes well xxx
  • Thanks BJ, I may give it a try if I don't get my bfp this month. Hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy!xx
  • Big congratulations!
  • Congrats on your BFP - see you in the Jan forum! x
  • congrats!

    I've had accupuncture on my knees before and i know exactly what you mean about the bolt of energy - isn't it a strange sensation!

    it sounds like you just managed to relax and make your tummy a more baby-friendly place image
  • Huge congratulations on your BFP hunni, see you over in the Jan forum xxx

  • congratulations Hun!!!!
    your post was amazing, such an inspiration!!!!!! Have a wonderful
  • congratulations. hope all goes well for you and thanks for the post. We all need to hear some positive stories!!
  • congratulations, im hoping that month 7 is our month as I have been a lot more relaxed and concentrating on the postives for a change. have a fab 9 months x x
  • Huge congratulations, it is lovely to read such a positive story! Enjoy your pg, and don't be afraid of the Jan forum - everyone who has gone there this month seems lovely!!
  • Huge congratulations to you BridgetJones! Your story was great, really helpful, inspirational - not smug or rubbing our noses in it at all!!!
    I am also particularly inspired as I just started accupuncture last saturday and going back this saturday for 2nd treatment. Fingers crossed!!!
  • congratulations - see you in the jan forum x
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