Wine anyone?

I have a day off tomorrow and seeing as I'm still getting lows on my CBFM I've figured that it's pretty safe for me to have a sneaky drink of the red wine that I got for my birthday :lol:

Offering cyber drinks to anyone who wants!


  • Hi Tinkerbell

    Happy belated birthday. My doc said it was fine to drink moderately while ttc. I know it's very much personal choice but she said there is nothing wrong as long as you're not drinking a bottle a day.

    I think you should enjoy a nice glass of wine, it will probably relax you and making feel nice and chilled ready for your high.

    V xxx
  • If you have white wine then you have a drinking buddy lol x
  • Me please! a large shiraz if there's one going... xx
  • Hehe thanks Ladybird! It's put me in a rather relaxed mood, having a couple of mates round tonight to watch some crappy TV so all in all a good night! Thank you for the birthday wishes! image

    Haha Mrs broodypops I do have white wine! I'm normally a white wine drinker myself but this was an awfully nice bottle that I got from a friend (one who clearly doesn't know me too well) so I wanted to open it! You can surely have a white though **pours up a glass**

  • Me too please - still at work but they won't mind image
  • Oooohhh yes please, red wine goes straight to my head! hehe

  • ill have a glass! image i wouldnt worry about drinking, when i fell pregnant first time round i was getting through a bottle a night with dh!! dd is a happy healthy baby image
  • Why share when you can wack a straw in a bottle and have it all to yourself :lol: ha ha long day at the office!
  • haha I'm a bit late on pouring up the wine I'm afraid ladies but it is Friday (all be it 10:50 in the morning) so hear you go! *Glug, glug, glug*! Just to be clear I'm not really drinking wine at 10:50am, TTC hasn't stressed me out THAT much yet :lol:
  • hapy bday, sort of lol. ooo yes please! i dont really like wine or alcohol, but j2o would be nice! or a nice cuppa! lol maybe even a digestive biccy? xxxx
  • mrs *me*, you're in luck! I bought some decaf teabags yesterday (y'know, just incase) so you can have a cuppa with me! And I have some very yummy biscuits in the cupboard, I'll crack them open just for you! x
  • lol yummy thatnks! im so blimming bored at work today! and not many girlies on b.e today. how is everyone? xxxxx
  • Yes please I would like a large white wine and soda.....roll on 5pm I say lol xxxx
  • Me please, even though this is my first weekend of stopping drinking
  • Me please, even though this is my first weekend of stopping drinking
  • Are you stopping all together hun whilst TTC? xxx
  • Aww mrs *me*, I hate being bored at work...the worst place to be bored at!
    Ooh sevans are you stopping entirely whilst TTC? I'm stopping for the next couple of weeks, got my first CBFM high today so don't want to risk anything!
  • I dont drink really any more....very rare I will have a drink...rather a nice cup of green tea lol xxxx
  • haha hoping2beamummy, I'm not a big drinker either. Maybe a glass at the end of the week but that's about it. I'm all for the tea! Not a big fan of green tea though, should be because it's good for you but sadly I'm not a fan x
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