VERY, VERY VERY Faint line on test.

I'm not sure if i'm seeing things but just done a test and can the faintest of lines on a cheapie test.

My AF is 3 days late and have been having problems this month with severe ovulation pain. Went to docs this morning and they are sending me for a scan. I explained to her that during ov i was doubled over in pain and since then i've not been right. Still got pain in my left side but just thought it was my ovary or something.

I told her that i had tested and it was negative and doc said to keep testing every couple of days just in case.

Just thought i'd do a test to see but not sure now if my mind is playing tricks on me. I've got a pack of CBD but thought it might be best to wait until morning to do that one. I've got butterflies in my stomach now but trying not to get hopes up.

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