Hello and advice please!!

I just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm 26, hubby is 29 and we married in July. I came off the pill a week before xmas and have been TTC since then.

I have been reading few people's posts and the advice offered is so supportive that I thought I'd ask for your ideas.

I went on the pill at 17 due to irregular periods (I would usually have a period every 4/6 months). Despite many tests, they could not determine what was wrong with me and put me on the pill to regulate things hoping I would "grow of it", but my consultant did warn me that I would probably struggle to conceive naturally.

Hence my feelings of slight anxiety at now TTC!! So I have now been about 53 days without the pill and still no AF, and definitely not pregnant image (I have also stabbing stomach pains from time to time and I am thoroughly exhausted). I know ppl can take a while to get AF back but I have this horrid feeling I am just going back to the same problems I used to have.

So my question is when do you think I can go to the Dr? I know I should prob wait 3-6 months but my concerns are that I am 90% certain I have an underlying issue and the longer I wait, the longer it will take for me to get diagnosed and then hopefully, eventually conceive. And I am not the most patient of ppl!!

So ladies, what should I do????


  • hi there

    i think you are safe enough to take yourself off to the doctors now hun to be honest...you had probs before when younger and now you want to ttc go see them....good luck xxx
  • Agree completely with granby, as you've had problems in the past they would probably prefer to see you sooner; if anything to put your mind at rest if there isnt a problem.
    Good luck hon and hope the doc has good news xx
  • Thank you ladies.
    I'm on half term next week so will pop along then. Fingers crossed x
  • good luck hun xx
  • I would say go to the doctors as soon as you can. Im not saying you do have but i had similar problems and was diagnosed with PCOS again not saying you have this but once you know if you have anything you can deal with it head on instead of worrying.
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