Buying preseed online

hi ladies...

I'm considering giving preseed a go in August and buying it from ebay but i'm concerned about the packaging it comes in. We currently rent privately and our landlord picks up our post. does it come in the discreet packaging they claim or did you have to pick it up from the post office?

quite frankly i'd rather not use it and take my chance again without it than deal with the humiliation of having our landlords see what I bought ;\)


  • Hi
    I bought Zestica from Access Diagnostics - it arrived in descrete packaging image
    I may also have a 10% code so will try and find it for you.
  • discount code? you got my attention image

    that's good news, thanks for the replies..

  • Hi
    I bought preseed ages ago and it came wrapped discreetly - I cant remember where it was from though (sorry not very helpful!). I have been buying 'conceive plus' from and that comes discreet.
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