Have I been doing it wrong all this time?!

Hi ladies,

I hope you're all well and enjoying bd-ing!

We're on month 14 of ttc baby 2 and this month things are different and i'm wondering if we've been 'dancing' at the wrong time all this time.

I know when I ovulate thanks to ov sticks and always get ov pains on the day of my peak on cbfm or on a positive ov test. I would usually take that as my surge and assume I ovulate the next day.

Well... I had a positive ov test on Saturday morning, right on que, with ov pains too, so I assumed that i'd ovulate that night or Sunday, so we baby dancedimage

But ALL day today i've had really strong ov pains.

Do you think that I could ovulate 3 DAYS after a positive ov test?

I've never had ov pains so strong and so long after my peak.

I will defo jump hubby tonight but just wondered if anyone might know??

Thank you xx


  • Not sure but you're right to jump your husband just in case! Just wanted to share that I too have ov pains in the middle of the month and then sometimes again 3 days later. Could it be that we release 2 eggs? I read online that sometimes you release one egg followed by another a few days later.

    That could lead to twins.....

  • That's why I temp too as well as use the opk's as then I know when I have ov'd for sure as my temp rises after. Sometimes your body gets all ready to ov but doesn't release the egg so maybe that is what you felt and then you actually ov'd a few days later. Just a guess really. They say though that you usually ov within 12-36 hours of a +ve opk.

    Good luck.xx
  • Broodymare, I never knew that we could release 2 eggs.
    Although i'm on my 2nd round of clomid and they did mention that there is a small chance of a muliple pregnancy with it. I can't believe that we'll be blessed with one at the mo, let alone 2!

    Thank you babyonboard. I keep meaning to temp but forget nearly every morning! I'm so useless! I will definately try it next month and really try to remember! x
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