Hi I'm new.....question about cycles & blood tests

Hi All,

I'm just joining but been reading posts for a little while. Seems a friendly site so thought I'd join you image
Been trying since Oct 2009, but was very broody for 3 yrs (usual story, thought we'd wait til married & house tarted up)...so it's only been 6 months but feels a lot longer! I suppose I was disillusioned and thought I'd fall straight away, but no such luck.
Bought cheap OV sticks in Jan ....still haven't had a positive.

Periods been odd, last 2 AFs lasted 2 weeks and cycles only 22 days. Went to docs just for chat.....(had abnormal ells, colposcopy & loop excision couple years ago after irregular bleeding so thought best get checked out). Expected doc to say "body still settling down, give it another 6 months atleast" but they want to do blood test to see if I'm ovulating.

Has anyone else have a cycle like this, am I worrying unnessisarily?:\?
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