Dont know what to do.. please help

AF was due on Feb 22nd, It is very regular, so did test the next day and it was negative, by 24th it hadn't come so I did a HPT and it was negative and did another HPT on Thursday morning and again negative! On Friday 26th had a small amount of brown coloured discharge and the same again the following morrning but thats it, no period symptoms, no blood nothing! Should I go to the doctor cause I definitely haven't taken my usual period! Dont know what to do, anyone had any similar experience?:\?


  • hi Hun,

    I donlt have any experience of it but I would test again using a FR or Superdug as their the most sensitive and use FMU to be sure. Are you sure of the dates that you ov?

  • Yes pretty sure of my dates! Am quite new to this so what does FMU mean!!!!!!!!!!
  • FMU means first morning urine! You're best to use this as it's most concentrated so will give you a more accurate result.

  • Should have known that ha ha!
    Yes I did a superdrug test first but that was round lunchtime! The next two tests were FR and I did it first thing in the morning and it was negative, so haven't tested now for 2-3 days since the discharge! Should I do another test are go to GP? I dont know, if only wishing made it so xo
  • I don't think your GP will do very much TBH, I would test again in the morning and see what they says before you decide what to do next.

  • hi hun, if you ave had a bit of discharge then it sounds like af is on the way, as i have been late and had browny discharge 2 or 3 days before any sign of my period. the stress of ttc can also make af be a bit late even if youre regular.
    despite all this, i really hope that she stays away for you,if its another couple of weeks without any sign or bfp, definatley see your gp. good luck and baby dust xxx
  • Thanks for the baby dust! I hope AF stays away too, fingers crossed! No more discharge just a wee bit on fri and sat morning but nothing since!:roll:
  • Good luck hun, fingers crossed for you x
  • Stll no sign of AF, might try another HPT but not sure I can face the disappointment of another BFN!
  • Hello i had a similar situation with my first child. I took the morning after pill and when my period was due had little amount of brown discharge and then nothing. a week or two later i discovered i was pregnant. perhaps your hormone levels are low thats why you havent been able to find it yet a blood test woudl tell you better i think x x x x
  • Oh wouldn't that be wonderful if it turned out the same for me :\)
    I think I will do another HPT and if I have no AF by the end of the week then I will mak an appointment with my GP! I dont have any other symptoms though so maybe its just wishful thinking!:roll:
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