anyone ttc while on anti-ds for pnd?UPDATE****

just wondered if anyone is in this situation, or has been in the past? i am on citalopram and am possibly gonna need to get changed onto somethign else, although really im happy on citalopram.

has anyone also gone thru this sitution? maybe even email me if youd rather not say on here x


well i went to docs this morn to find out if id have to change anti-ds and NO i dont phew!!!!

doc had this big report she read out to me, which basically said thats it is more harmful for baby if mum is taken off anti-ds when they ar not ready (or changed onto another).

apparently SSRIs are so similar in nature that it is pointmes to change types.

She also said if i breastfeed this helps the baby not have withdrawal symptoms after birth (which are not serious anyway as i am such a low dose - 20mg).

Obv it might be diff for different doses, so fif you in same position as me, then speak to your own doc.

But just thought ud share my happiness and relief that i can happily stay on citalopram thru ttc and pregnancy

Hope u are all well xxx

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  • Hi Laura!

    Yes i am on Citalopram too- 10mg a day- for PND and i am 5 weeks pregnant.
    I was also wondering if i am allowed to be on them when pregnant?

    Hope we get an answer xx
  • I'm not on antiD now but was taking them when i fell pregnant with my son and didnt know i was pregnant til 8 wks. can't remember what i was taking but remember it wasn't prozac (which was only antiD tested for use in pregnancy). Its worth having chat with gp or mental health nurse as you need to weigh up benefits of taking as well as risks.

    I went cold turkey and stopped but mine was clinical depresseion not pnd, and pregnancy and new baby was better than any drug!
  • I have finished my tablets and forgot to get more and thinking about just not going back on them, i know i might be a bit ill for a few days, but ive been on them nearly a year now and really want to come off them!
    Should i just do it, or go get more and gradually do it? Im only on 10mg a day now x
  • Mrs J - Just go the docs and have a chat about coming off, they're usually more than willing to help you come off them.
  • MrsJ please go talk to your doc. Anti-D's should never be stopped all of a sudden. Its so dangerous. Could you maybe stop taking them gradually?
    Hope you get something sorted.

    lauragcam thats great news xxx
  • Hiya

    Just a little update girls- I was at the docs today and the the doctor said that as i am only on 10mg a day now i can come off them straight away. She said that i will feel a little bit fainty, sicky etc for a few days but it will pass image
    She also said that although being on Citalopram whilst pregnant wont harm the baby but its best to be off them, so i am happy to say that i am now AntiD free image! yay, i so want to be normal again lol xxx
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