What does it mean?!

Hi all,

This is my first month of trying for a baby with my husband. I bought some of the First response tests and as it says you can try 5 days before your period I did one on that day. I had a very feint line which you could hardly see. I did one yesterday (3 days before) but not with morning urine and again a feint line. I repeated this morning as soon as I got up and again a feint line!

Now am I or aren't I is the question?! Should I wait for my period due date and try then? I don't want to get excited and then get my period!!


  • Thanks KMRose, I think I really know as much, just hoping someone would tell me different! I wish I'd never bought these tests now and just waited! xx
  • I did have some symptoms, which was why I tested, but as I was totally ignorant, I did start looking on google and then started reading about chemical pregnancies etc and ended up totally confused! Well what will be will be! Thanks again and good luck to you to! xx
  • Good luck hun keep testing and its not over until AF shows up

    We were TTC for 7 months and i went through faint lines most months. I guess people are just trying to save you from testing early so you dont get your heartbroken.

    Wait a couple of days and do another one, try not to get too disheartened with it being your first month.

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks girls, I think these early pregnancy tests are a bad idea and won't be going near them again!! I did ring the hotline up yesterday and got told if it's a line, no matter how feint I am....but anything can happen before my period is due and to still test afterwards to find out for sure - which begs the question, what is the point of them, apart from to build your hopes up!! Bloomin waste of money!! xx
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