sooo confused!!!

it's my own fault 4 doin so many tests lol!!!

i did an ebay cheapy test on fri with FMU n there was a very faint line (i was only 6DPO so really didnt expect anythin), did another 2 tests on fri n both BFN! 1 on sat FMU, BFN! sun FMU, BFN! mon afternoon, BFN! then this morning at 10DPO with FMU another very faint line!

i did a superdrug test this afternoon n that was BFN, i'm gettin so frustrated coz i feel really sick, boobs r a little tender, i've been boiling hot n had 2 sleep on top of the duvet the last few nights, tummy feely a bit funny (not pain, just weird feelin), but really dont wanna get my hopes up coz of all these BFN's!!

AF due on sat which will mean i'm 11DPO 2moro n have got a FR test 2 do 2moro with FMU as it says it can be used from 6 days b4 ur missed period so am i right in thinkin it will be accurate after 8DPO??

sorry if i'm confusing u all lol! please help me, dunno what 2 think now!!



  • I wouldn't worry yet hun, if you are pg then there's probably not enough HCG in you for the test to oick uo yet! Try to wait until you're 14DPO and then test again xxx
  • Hi mrs_wright, I did a test on Saturday which was neg I'm sure sure how many DPO I would have been but my period was due a week ago oday and I have done 2 CBD's tonight that are pos. So I'd wait for a while I know it's so tempting to do one but hang on in there image xxx
  • awww congrats little_bo_peep, thats lovely news!! hope i can say the same in a week or so!!

    i'm gonna do the FR 2moro, just coz i'm so impatient lol, if its BFN then i'll hold out n wait 4 AF 2 show up, if she's not appeared by mon/tues then i'll prob do another then!! my cycles r really irregular anyway so i could be out with my dates!

  • No problem, keeping everything crossed for you, keep us posted xxx
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