AF Finally Got Me : (

Well 4 days late and BAMM there it was middle of the night.
Was glad to see AF cuz of all the BFN but abit sad now i gotta wait a few months before TTC again as going on holiday in 10 weeks and dont want to be bad on hols

BUT... on the positive side i can have a drink on my hols now lol!

Hope everyone else gets their BFP and il be back here soon xxx


  • Sorry to hear that hun, but have fun on your holiday! xxx
  • Hi hun,

    Sorry to hear af got you I am thinking the same got an all inclusive holiday booked and would be a shame to waste it!!

    I am torn between waiting tho ha ha as have already had a very confusing couple of months xx
  • ive just wrote on your post lol when is your hol booked for? if its gonna be next year anyway dont mind waiting a few months x
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