Is it in my head already!!!

Hey girls,

Last Tuesday I returned to work full time after having my little girl. I had three really bad heads last week, have felt so tired and been asleep at 9 most nights, and have put all that down to being back at work. This week though, I keep getting really really hot like even though my temp was fine when I check and this week i have been coming over dizzy every now and then. I woke up at 2am this morning with cramps in my belly and the feeling I was going to be sick, it lasted till gone 5am image

Now at work I have had little pains in my belly mainly my right hand side and also shooting down one leg, and last night my back was killing me as well. I am on the pill but last month did for get to take it one day though I am pretty sure we did use something for a week.

We have decided to start trying for number two once I am on this last set of pills, i am due AF in 9 days time but you don't think I could poss be already???

God it's already in my head,it's started again LOL



  • hehe, you've got to love this ttc malarkey! x
  • LOL yes you have, it was in my head, I took a test and I am not. In a way I am pleased though as I want to try next month anyway and have a few more days left on my pill so I feel ok about itimage

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