Nasty ov pains

Hi ladies,
Feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Got nasty ov pains and a heavy feeling in my tummy. On cd16 so due to ov soon. Sorry for the pointless post xxx


  • Tis not a pointless post if you're feeling blue! Big hugs coming down tinternet waves xx

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  • hi hun, ive just posted about this. i reckon i will ov tomorrow. i have had nasty ov pains since yesterday. i usually have them mildly for about a week before but then they get severe but this month it just seems to have happened early and today has been especially bad and bd tonightwas uncomfy. i sympathise completely with you.xxxx
  • Hey Donna,
    Yesterday i have an ache in my hip on the right hand side then it cramped for an hour so i know the feeling... its so awesome that were cycle buddies xx
  • Hi Katrina, what CD are you on hun? I am CD17. Had a 0.12 shift in my temps this morning but I normally have more of a spike when I OV. Nevermind, will see what tomorrow morning's temp says.
    Keep in touch hun xx
  • I'm on CD16. Went overnight to were hubby works and God must have been looking over me coz i ovulated that day, so got some BD????ng in lol. Yeah ive started doing my temps it went up and dropped heaps today.. so mines goes up too...

    karina xx
  • I know how you feel too! My OV pain lasts for 7 days though. I feel worse when I OV than when my AF arrives. Rest is the best medication!

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