Clearblue and Tesco OPK's

Hi ladies,

I have been using tesco opk's this month and got a positive on them last night however did a clear blue digi this morning but no smiley. i have long cycles and now on CD21.

Had a positive tesco opk round this time last month but didn't check with a clear blue. I'm really confused, any ideas ladies? x

Thanks x


  • Hiya,

    If it were me in your situation, i would follow CB, Ive been using the tescos OPK's and for about 3 weeks ive had + everytime and still getting them now. Its been known that OPK's when permanently + can mean pregnancy but all my hpts have been BFN's.

  • Thanks for your reply. I've just ordered a cbfm so i'm hoping to have more luck with that. Only got 1 cb ovulation test left which i'm going to use in the morning but i've think i've missed it this month since i'm on cd 22 now.

    Hope you get your BFP soon MPP x x
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