due on today any help

hi ladies sorry if you think im a bit eager
me and hubby have been trying for a baby since 3rd june i had a period on 6th june and was due today for my next 1, ive been havin period pains most of today and some last nite but nothing as yet.
today i have been feeling tired bloated, and just recent shaky.
i have a 3 yr old already and it only took me 6weeks to catch for her, i had a period within couple of days of coming of pill then a period the following month.
i just cant remeber if i had any signs like this when i was pregnant last time.
have you ladies ever had this and been pregnant or is it just me and im too eager and its a sign im about to have my period
thanks for you advice


  • Hi hun

    Good luck, the only way you will know is to test as if your AF is late you should be a positive but some people dont get them until they are a week or 2 late for period.

  • thanks sparkling diamond.
    still no af today but again period pain, shaky, and shaatered today no energy,
    this morning when i wiped (sorry) had a slight bit of pink on tissue so put a pad on just incase havent lost nothing all day wiped bow hour ago and was a dot of light brown
    ive got a little girl already but cant think if i had this last time on her.
    i counted bk to 2005 wen i was tryin then after i came off my pill had a period then 26 days later had my last period before i was pregnant.
    and clues to what this spotting could be
    im have period pains as i write this
    thanks in advance
  • hey donna, would love to know if you've had anything yet, as i'm in the same boat as you - AF due today and pain last night and today. temp still really high and is usually very low on the morning of AF.....driving myself nuts here!
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