Which HPT?

Hi ladies,

I'm now on what I think is CD 24 and am expecting AF to arrive around Friday. Have tested every day since sat (all BFNs) although still have PMA as I've heard very inspiring stories on here about ladies getting their BFPs after their AF was due.

Anyway, my question is which HPT is best, especially when testing early? I've been using First Response because I heard they were very good but have been driving myself crazy staring at where the second little, pink line would be and wondering, Is that it? Or, Is it the blur from the other pink line? Or, Is it all in my imagination? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Do you think I'd be better of with one of those 'Pregnant' 'Not Pregnant' tests? I intend to test every day for the next week:lol:

PMA is disappearing by the second:\(

Anyone else due on the dreaded Friday 13th?

It's my b-day on Saturday though so might just get the best birthday pressie ever:\)

Sorry for the ramble.
K xx


  • hi hun, i am CD22! with a 27 day cycle so snap!! my rest dat is sat, happy birthday for saturday am really hoping you get the best present ever!!

    from what i can gather from this site early response it not the best, i will be using superdrug hpt as apparently it can pick up quickest. if i get a bfp then i will get a digital one to confirm.
    first response you can test 4 days before so that why bfn's! if you read the paper inside it will break down the % of pregnancies detected from 4 days prior to the day of af. it wouldn't of picked up before then so PMA RESTORED!!
    if you are due af on fri 13th, thursday might be a good day to test. I might test on thurs or fri, but will still test on sat as then i know the right amount of hormone is there to signal a BFP!

    So we will both be off to superdrug to buy some and will look out for you when you test, PMA PMA, xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi,

    My AF is due Thursday/Friday, At the moment I'm feeling like she's going to arrive any minute as my womb has a dull ache - so she could be early.

    I have some cheapy HPT which have only come out neg - but that's not a surprise so far! I've bought some Superdrug early ones as they have good reviews and are relatively inexpensive - otherwise the girls tend to recommend Clear Blue ones.

    Fingers crossed for you honey, no worries about the ramble either!
  • I asked a similar question recently for my friend, and most people said Superdrugm own brand was most sensitive. Predictor is really good too. Good luck x
  • i am so glad there are a few of us testing this week, have been having some burning pains, some af pains and aches in my tum too, them i can be imagining, but i am sure these bloody sore (.) (.) i am having seem to be very real! any of you ladies having any soreness? xx oh my god i have turned into a ss, always tut when i see this on here and now i am doing it x
  • MrsPontin,

    I'm turing into a ss too - even though I keep telling myself to stop being foolish. I think I've had them all - headaches, hot flushes, wind, bit of constipation and womb-ache - but no sore boobies for me - which is strange as it is the usualy symptom for AF's arrival.

    I was certain that I wasn't pregnant this month until MIL mentioned that she'd been to a psycic who told her someone close to her was pregnant but didn't know it!! Now I'm hyper-sensitive to every ache and pain!!

    Good luck for you - hope all your symptoms are for real
  • arls0308 how brilliant, my son is now 10, but before i knew i was pregnant one of my clients who is psycic told me i was pregnant and actually brought me a PG TEST! and it was positive i nearly fell off the toilet! as i did it to shut her up, i got the shock of my life. she told me it would be a boy and he was!! OH was not convinced but i was, so can't wait to hear of your resultsimage
    oh my the SS is driving me mad, the thing is i dont get sore boobies with AF, this is getting me excited now. can't wait to test hope it is BFP for us all, and especially you as its such a amazing story to tell, baby dust to all xxx
  • Hey girlies!!

    Thank you for your responses. It's always good to talk these things through but we're keeping ttc our little secret for now and sometimes that makes me feel a little lonely. It's good to know you girls are out there, armed with information and experience. I hope I can do the same for you:\)

    PMA is now in one piece again thanks to you Mrs Pointin. Both hubby and I have been getting fed up with the BFNs but there's still time and with a superdrug test in hand I'm sure anything is possible;\)

    All the luck in the world and lots of sparkly baby dust to you and arls. I will be doing a jig when you get your BFPs (hopefully this month and we'll all move over to Pregnancy together!) I'll be looking out for your announcements over the next few days ladies.

    With regards symtoms, I don't seem to have any:\? No sore boobs, no cramps, no tiredness particularly so trying not to read too negatively into that. Mrs Pointin,really hope your sore boobs and other symtoms mean you're preggers;\) xx

  • Actually one symtom. What do you think of this? Smelling odd things. In everyday life I don't really smell a lot but over the last few days I've intermitantly been smelling the smell of the stuff on the side of match boxes that you strike the match against and the smell of incense. Weird huh!?
    I know a heightened sense of smell is something you can have the way through a pregnacy (raw meet with my son, yuk) but this early? Listen to me talking as if I really am pg already. Dear me I do like to get ahead of myself!
  • hehe baked not fried, yes that counts as a symptom! it seems like the longest wait ever doesn't it espcially when people around you dont know how crucial your testing day is (haha). if you do test, make sure test again on day af due as the hormone will be at its highest. hope we all get to move over together that would be so cool. will be thinking about you ladies this week, goodluck xx
  • Thanks Mrs P. Good luck to you too. xx
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