FAO Trying82

Hiya hon

Just popped on to say lots of luck if you're testing this morning. Not sure I'll get a chance later to come on here again so just wanted to send my best wishes to you.

I have decided not to test again today. Waiting to see if the pink on tissue thing settles down any more and will test tomorrow with an ordinary cb with fmu. As long as the pink thing doesn't turn red and af stays away, I plan to use my cbd next week when hopefully if the hcg hormone has increased I'll get a Pregnant 2-3 message instead of the Pregnant 1-2 I got yesterday. Think I'm living in cloud cookoo land though as the pink smearing continues. We'll see.

Wishing you all the best. Will try my best to pop on here later (difficult with guests coming and sick baby!)
but keeping fingers and toes crossed for you (and anyone else who's testing) so we can maybe move on to the DIN forum.

Take good care and rest as much as you can

Babydust xxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I had some swearing after a wee this morning again too. I did test again this morning using a FR- even fainter line hardly visible and then using a CB which came up NOT PREGNANT.

    Still no sign of AF though. So now i have no idea what is going on. I am not testing till next week now if AF doesn't arrive. I am quite heartbroken though i kept telling myself this is not it i really wanted it to be. Much harder when you have that faint line and then the CB says not pregnant.

    So happy for you. Spoke to my mum yesterday and she said that she had small smearing for the first 12 weeks with all of her 3 pregnancies...!

    Speak to you later. Hope your little one feels better soon....! Trying to keep positive but its looking less likely now....
  • Hi hun

    AF arrived this morning. Honestly thought this might have been our month! HAd my cry and am now onto CD1 .....

    How are you doing?
  • So sorry honey. Hope you're ok xxxx
  • Hi hun, thanks for asking. I am back full of PMA!!! How are you doing?
  • Hi

    Great to hear of the pma trying. Keep it up.
    Sending babydust your way

    I'm having some mixed emotions really. Still getting a bfp but having some more spotting. There's a detailed thread on here if you want to take a look.

  • Hi hun.

    Hopefully the spotting is nothing. My mum had spotting for the first 12 weeks with my little brother so it honestly might be nothing!!

    Let me know how your getting on....xxx
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