long and odd cycles

hi well as i said for past few days lol i am now late by 5 days and havent done a test for a couple days as i am gonna do one when i am a week late, and see what happens.

i had been thinking my cycles were a staright 35 days...but yesterday i had a look throu my diary (i always put a wee dot when i start af, but as we had just started this month i hadnt really been analysing when my period came until now....

since january ive had a mix of

35 days (mostly)
37 days
25 days !!!
but def mostly 35 days...
so now i dont know what to think...

as i said in an earlier post i had light bleeding on day 28,,, which i hoped was implantation, but now i dont know if i might have been a period with 28 day cycle....

so that means im in month 2 of ttc, and i havent ovd fo the second month yet...oh this is all so confusing!!

im pretty sure what i had on day 28 and 29 doesnt count as a period, it was pink then brown and only less than a teaspoon, say, for 2 days..no cramp or any usual sysptoms..

anyway just wanted a moan sorry!!


  • rubbish isnt it! do you know when you oved? it could be you are having a slightly longer cycle? could have been ov spotting?

  • hiya, what u had a few days ago does sound like implantaion! maybe do a test in a few days!? have u been using opks or anything to monitor when u ov? xxx
  • What CD are you on now?
  • hiya, my cycles are very irregular! They have varied from 31 days to 44 days! i havent been on the pill and spoke to doctor and she said they are ok and in realms of normal. I have been taking evening primrose oil though and this seems to make them shorter. I track them using opks and temping and also cbfm (have been trying for ages!) and they are regular in that i always get af 13 or 14 days after ov. Its just ov which is later or earlier each month. As the other ladies have said, do you use anything to track them? Not sure about the bleed. Could be implantation or ov spotting. if you have come off the pill, could be period getting back to normal xx
  • thanks girls, Mrs EH... i am now on day 40 if what i had wasnt a period....and could be on day 15 if it was a period! x
  • I had a weird month like that - where I couldn't tell if I had a 40ish day cycle or two 20ish day cycles...I still don't know. It was almost 6 months after coming off the pill and up until then they had been 28 days on the dot. Very confusing and worrying for a while. However, they are now 34/35 days and I got to grips with my LP (14/15 days) so as long as I track OV, I know when AF is due. Do you track OV at all? I find it helps me to stress less - otherwise you can end up on a 3/4 ww rather than a 2ww and that is sooooo frustrating. I hope it all sorts itself out for you. Just wanted you to know that you're not the only one! x
  • aw thanks MrsEH, it is al very confusing! i havent been tracking ov, had started with sticks but after two packs and no pos i gave up, that prob does suggest a late ov though i guess...

    oh well will just wait and see xx
  • i always used the cheapie OPK as it would cost me a fortune in branded ones as i could use nearly 20! i find they work just as well x
  • Hi Hon,
    I hope something concrete happens soon for you so you know where you are.
    Either an AF or preferably a BFP! xx
  • Hiya, I had this trouble when I was ttc no.2. My cycles ranged from 25 days to 45 days so it took us a year to conceive. When I got my BFP I hadnt had a period for 6 1/2 weeks so naturally I thought thats how far gone I was but when I had my 1st scan they told me I was only 11.5 wks gone when I thought I was 13wks.
    So I must have ovulated quite late in the month, I never used ov sticks as I could never get a pos on it either.
    Good luck hun hope its ur month. x
  • thanks everyone...still nothing lol xx
  • Hon,
    Have you tried something like starflower or agnus castus to shorten your cycle?
    Both are good in bringin ov forward.
    BUT with agnus castus you can ONLY take it between cd1 and ov as it can cause implantation probs if taken later.
    But starflower is ok (says my GP) to take all the way through.
    But I think if you get a bfp its wise to stop all herbal supplements but vits and of course folica acid are good.
  • thanks robin81, i have just heard of these on here and havent really looked into it...i think i should though cause this is getting ridiculous!! i havent ever wanted my period so bad lol!
    just did anyother test (dont know why i bother!), sainsburys own and again a neg!!
  • I definitely recommend the starflower.

    When I came off hormones before (to go into a chemical menopause for Endometriosis) I got severe acne and hair loss from hormone disruption and this was mainly from stopping the pill.

    So this time coming off the pill I took starflower and although I got a bit of sickness, dizziness, etc but it all cleared up quickly.

    I'm waiting for my cd1 to take agnus castus.

    Hope one of these works for you. x
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