First Response Pregnancy Tests

Hi girls,

Has anyone had a BFP with first reponse before their period due. im due to test next weekend sometime ovulated sat/sun last week i think (no positive ovulation but lots of ewcm on sat). i just bought FR preg test on offer in boots only paid 10.79 for 4 which i thought was a bargain. only thing they say that you can test six days early however on reading the leaflet it gives you an example saying if your period is due on 21st you can test on 17th which is 4/5 days. The good thing is though it says 98% of women got result 2 days before which is a higher % than CBD.

I had BFP in april but had mc in may so really hoping its a BFP this month only had one af since so dont really know if my cycles are back to normal

Goodluck with everyone who is ttc and lots of babydust to you all.



  • I too was wondering about the first response kits, im due AF on sat which means i could test on monday/tuesday but wary of getting a negative image but would be wicked if it came out positive!
    I never got on with OV tests as i either got no result or a negative although i have read on some posts that a lady tested in the morning and got a negative then tested again in the eve and got a postive so i think there a bit random!
    Good luck let me know how you get on! xx
  • I got my BFP on a first response the day before my AF was due. Good luck xxx
  • hi... just a tip check out this website its brilliant.... .www.peeonastick...... it tells u all u need to know about preg tests, u may all be suprised to hear that shop bought tests are no better than ebay cheapies, the lower they measure the amount of hcg the more sensative the tests, eg : asda cheap ones measure 25 and ebay cheapie 10. go buy from ebay is my advice !!
  • First response I found great, much better than clearblue. When testing 4 days early they are 69% accurate (might be more now) whereas clearblue are only 51% - rubbish! I got my positive 5 days early with a first response and my lo now 8 weeks!! x
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