CD32 - what to do?

Hi girls,

Im on cd 32 today. ;\)

My last cycles have been 43, 31, 25, 41, 33.

I have a 21st In London to go to on saturady and dont know whether to drink or not!

Do I poas or wait for AF?

What do you girlies suggest??

Fiona x x x :\)


  • Cant you just pretend to drink - that what my best mate did for her birthday and we were so drunk we didnt even realise. She was drinking lemonade and passing it off as peach schnapps!.
  • I'd just drink honey but take it easy, remember when we were all discussing it at crimbo?! it would be sods law and u wouldn't drink and get af and if u did u'd get a bfp! i got a bfn the day b4 my crimbo party so drank then got a bfp the nest day! Go out and enjoy urself honey!
  • I do need a good night out, I havent been 'out out' since my 21st in oct!! Maybe I could have white wine spritzers? I know what you mean lilac, I'll get drunk then get BFP or I'll steer clear and af will arrive. What will really be annoying is if she shows her face on saturday then Ill be bloated and uncomfortable but at least I could drink. I got drunk before I found out I was pg with dd so having a couple cant hurt. I dont think we have done it this month anyway xxx
  • u'll be fine honey mummys don't get to go out often enough and we both know babies are hard work at the age ours are!!
    Go and enjoy urself hopefully u'll cement urself a by tempting fate!
  • Think I'll see this as my last chance to let my hair down because once im pg then have another baby thats my social life completely out the window for a couple of years. Saying that I thought my 21st was my last chance and here I am still not up the duff!! hehe
    I keep worrying about how I will cope being pg with a daughter who is in her terrible 2's, she can be very naughty sometimes. x x scary
  • Hi everyone...
    I finished last month and counting from when I had my last period I was due on last thursday. Still no sign and have been getting slight pains in the left hand side but still no AF. Did a test this morning but BFN.

  • Hope you have a good time Fiona.
    Sorry to hear that Blondie. xx

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