Its me!

Hi ladies,

I just wanted to drop a line to say i am already a member Holly22,however i had to change my username as someone in real life new alittle bit to much info on me and ttc things i had only shared on here!!!! Kinda scary really....p.s yummymummy its not you hun i tell you everything LOL

Havent been around as was alittle freaked out so sorry i missed some BFPs and going to have a catch up with posts later.

Love to all xx


  • I've done that before as well!

    You know, you could've just changed your name and not have to open up a new account - it's just a bit easier and less hassle...:\)
  • really i never knew you could do that,dam...

    How do you do it just a curiosity? Thanks
  • Just to let you know, if you change your name on your existing account this person may still be able to find you if they find a post in your old name and click on the 'my other topics' under your piccy.

    Sorry it's a bit rambled, lol, just to warn you x
  • Thank you so much laura and lucy,will be sticking with my new account then! Dont wana leave baby expert just to ditch the werdio LOL x
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