Is it too soon.....

Hi my last AF was 25th jan my next AF should be due 22nd feb not sure when i ov but i am on CD 17 so have 11 days till AF is due however i have had some early signs;

1) lots of wind
2) going to the toilet lots
3) vivid dreams
4)shooting pains down below
5) stomach cramps
6) broken sleep

not sure if thats signs of ovulation dont really know what happens...

Has anyone else had the same syptoms and had a BFP? OR due to test the same sort of time?

Its killing me i just want the next week to hurry up and pass lol xxx


  • Could it be OV pains?? I had really strong pains on one side and lots of sticky glue like CM last weekon CD18, and also bloated etc. I think this was ovulation, so I would say this could be OV and wait till you are on CD28 before you test xxxx Keep bdin every other day : )
  • Hi thanks i will do lol when are you testing? xxx
  • its cd 26 for me today, I may test on Sunday if no AF - but not sure when i;m due as 1st month off pill. So if BFN I will test again in 3 days, and if still BFN i'll wait another 3 days (until AF comes anyway) : )
  • That is so weird...looking at your post as i have had all the same symptoms you have described and i am on cd16 and at 2pdo (if i read my body correctly!) I am due on 24th and will test just after then. I have pcos so i know my periods are very irregular so can't always go off missing a period!! But i have my fingers crossed each month!!
  • hi stace 25 and faye hope its a BFP for you. sending lots of baby dust xxxx

  • Thank you kimlou you too hun xx
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