She found me

The witch found me! I felt it coming but tried to ignore it. :cry:

So we've decided to go see a naturopath and do some relexology...

2010 will be our year, said so in my stars for the yr! xx


  • Hi Miss88, I was only thinking of you this morning as the witch found me too. I'm really gutted as I thought this was our month, but obviously not.
    Lets start the PMA for our February BFP.
    Keep your chin up hun. How long are your cycles if you don't mind me asking? Mine was 29 days this time round, normally about 33/34 days.
  • Aww sorry hun, silly witch!

    Sending you lots of hugs

  • sending hugs she got me 2 cd1 today we can all be buddys 1st thing ((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))

    image we will have those BFP's xxxx

  • So sorry. I had my fingers crossed for you. Good luck TTC in 2010.
  • aww so sorry to hear that, I really thought you had done it! ((((hugs)))) Here's to an October baby!! xx
  • Sorry shes got you-she got me yesterday too!
    Good luck for an october baby!
  • You know what i was really upset this morning but now I've realise when we get our BFP we'll treasure it all the more! YAY cycle buddies!! Donnat2004 and gembags)

    Donnat2004- Well when we first started trying (march last yr) i was dead on 28 days, but in the last 10 months I've been a little all over the shop.
    Some months ill have 28 days and some more. this cycle was 31day cycle... we're going to the naturopath in a fortnight when hubbies home...

    I so excited i have cycle Buddies now! xx

  • Hey Miss88 - we are cycle buddies - every cloud has a silver lining I suppose! Here's to our February BFP! Keep in touch hun xx
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