Here we go again - CD1

I have woken up this morning with a visitor! 26 day cycle again, so it seems I have missed OV days, but I am worried now that perhaps I don't OV, as I've been on a constant knicker watch, sorry TMI and had no signs of EWCM. I did have quite a lot of what it seemed like OV pains from around CD10.
I think from this month I might use OPK, although OH would rather we just take it easy, but I rather take some action.
Also OH works away mon-thu so we might be missing important days. We BD on CD10 and then again from CD14 onwards most days as we were on holiday and I have convinced myself and DH that maybe this was the month.It wasn't to be. :cry:
Mind you I was so emotional yesterday I just knew what was coming!
Anyone else CD1 today?


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