Please help famly problems...

Hi im having trouble at the minute with my my and dad they have been seperated for a few years now and my mom is living with somebody else but she just dont like it when my dad gets with someone she gets jealous she said she still loves him but not happy with him. Problem is they drink in the same pub and get into arguments beause of it. ive called the police on my mom once and the other day the police came to her again. Ive now got my dad living with me because hes lost his house and my mom txts me and phones me to see where my dad is. ive got a 5 year old at home and we have been ttc again recently and i just cant cope with all this stress and if i did get my bfp how would i cope. Sorry for the long story i just wondered if anyone has got any advice please???


  • Hi KimLou

    Could I be personal and ask why your dad lost his house? Maybe your first step should be to see what alternative accommodation you can get him. You could visit your housing options team at your local council and see what advice they give.

    If you get him moved a little further out would this also avoid him going to the same pub?

    Hope this helps xxx
  • hi thanks for the reply he lost his job and we are going to the local council tomorrow to re house him and i hope he stays away from the pub too but my mom needs alot of help i have a brother and a sister and my mom has 4 sisters but im the only one who can deal with her x
  • i just did a massive reply and BE ate it. Grrr

    I would say before you go be prepared to be offered a b&b as he is single man, he probably won't be classed as a priority. However, if he has any needs they may offer floating support. If he is over a certain age he may be able to get into older person accommodation easier than general needs housing.

    Also, as he lost his home through losing his job, they may class this as being intentionally homeless as he should have sought advice prior to losing his home/tenancy.

    Its just a couple of things to think about before you go as it can sometimes be a mine field.

    I know waht you mean about being the one who does stuff, it's the same with my family. I'm the youngest but end up doing everything as everyone responds to me without taking the hump.

    hope this helps.

    Good luck

    V xxx
  • how I cope with my problems ...
    I will personally think that there r other people with more problems than I am and in a much worse situation. That will ease they way I feel.

    It helps sometimes ;p
  • thanks vicsy im the youngest too but know how to calm a situation down. x

    riham i know what your saying and i try to tell my mom that but she doesnt think about it when shes all worked up and has taken 2 overdoses and has lately threatened to do it again because she says she cant cope, shes lost her mom and dad and brother and bestfriend and now she feels like shes lost my dad too x
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