To test or not to test!

I am 9dpo and have so many symptoms! I have 2 superdrug tests just whispering my name!!!! Arghhhh what to do!!!! Should I or should I wait even longer?!


  • Hi hun, I was tempted too and tested 7/8 dpo and got BFN twice

    Once on tesco and once on SD both with FMU, my symptoms run a mile long so I am holding off af not due until 25-30th as have two af dates as messed up af last month.

    Good luck hun but try to maybe wait a few more days if you can x
  • TEST!!!!! what harm can it do? good luck! *babydust*
  • Oh my god I ended up testing and I have a faint line!!!!!

    It took about 4 mins to show so can't be an evap line and hubby can see it too!!!!

    I'm too scared to believe it incase its not true!!! But its def there!

    Oh my god........x
  • Congratulations Honey!! I had a faint line with my 1st one so its definately true for you!!

    Bet your very excited!! xxxx
  • Eek!!!! I really am too worried to believe it!! It was a superdrug test. I only tested as had some wierd symptoms then have had af type pains today but too early for af.....I don't want to count my chickens just yet ....
  • Congrats hun!!!! Test with fmu and that faint line should be clearer, hope you have a h&h 9 months! xx
  • wow, good news - congratulations!!
  • Yeah!!! Congrats sarah I also had a very faint line and did not believe it till I used the cbd! What's ur due date? I'm the 5 th so we will be bump buddies! Praying for sticky beans now. X see u in due in oct x
  • Wow hun congrats - are you going to do a CBD - it should say 1-2 woo hoo.

    Keep us posted.

  • YEY congrats hun!!
    Same happened to me - i gto 4 faint lines before using a CBD - am 12 dpo today.
    See you over in Due in October!1
  • The line is so faint but its def there. I have another superdrug test so will do that with fmu tomorrow to double check then will purchase a cbd! Not getting my hopes up till I see it on the digital!

    Hopefully will be joining u in oct, if it really is true I will be due 7th oct x

  • Snugglenush did u use a superdrug test? The line started to show after about 3-4 mins. Check me out stressing about this line lol x
  • I used one off the internet - my line didn't show up straight away at all - it was prob about 3 to 4 minutes. And when it turned up i wasn't sure at all if it was there!
    OH wasn't convinced at all that it was a positive.
    DId 4 altogether over nextg 3 days and all were faint.
    Did CBD this morning - not even with FMU and got pregnant 1 -2 weeks!

    As they say, a line is a line!

  • That gives me hope snugglenush! I'm too scared to do another test incase there is no line tomorrow! Omg this is mad!! X
  • Me too! I was shaking sooo mch when i did the CBD - i was jsut terrified that it would say not pregnant and my bubble would burst!
    I really hope that you get your dark line or your pregnant 1 - 2 weeks soon image keep us updated and then come over to DIO!

  • Will definately keep u updated. Am praying I will be joining u in due in oct...! X
  • Any updates? hope you've done a cbd and have 1-2. Good luck xxx
  • How are you getting on? Done anymore tests? xxx
  • woohoo!!! im SO happy for you!!!! xx
  • Well girls - did another superdrug test and got another really faint line to the point where I thought I may have been cracking up! But, just did a first response and the 2 lines are clear as day!!!

    Omg I'm pregnant!! Going to whip out the cbd later today! I can't believe it!
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