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i know its silly but feel really Low

hi all

i am having a bit of a moan because i had loads of pregnancy symptoms the past week or so and my
(.)(.) started to hurt but then when i looked back on previous AF's i am at the right time for them to hurt as i ave been for past few cycles.
however i woke up this morning and feeling really really bloated, trousers are feeling quite tight when usually they a bit loose. my AF due on 3rd Feb and i was stupid enough to do a test this morning and nothng. but i cant understand why all last week i was feeling sick and had heartburn and loads of other symptoms and now to feel bloated like i do now. i just dont understand i never get bloated

sorry for the rant but cant help it!!



  • Don't apologise for having a rant! It's what we all go through! Symptom spotting is the worst, but we all do it. Hang on in there, it's not over until AF arrives. Fingers crossed x x
  • it is far too early for you to get an acucrate result. but i wanted to say that i had no symptoms with my pregnancy until 6 weeks, which is the case with lots of people.
  • thanks for the messages. thying is i am trying not to think about it becaue my husband is due to go to afghanistan soon. and i got to a stage where i decided i am not even going to thyin about it til he comes hme then all of a sudden i got these symptoms and made me go a bit crazy.
  • dont be sorry for being upset or cross.

    maybe its just too early for it to show anything up?

    im so sorry you are going through a hard time because of your husband going away too,
    x x x
  • Thanks HomeFairy. just deading him going and having to wait for him to come home and trying not to think the worst!! just think if i was pregnant it wouldtake my mind off a lot of stuff, been trying a while and major concerns because his dads brother and sister couldnt have kids so i think he s a bit worried about that too!! xxx

    i've just re read this and it makes me sound like we are only trying because he is going away, i'd like to say that we are not trying for this reason been trying for a while and just found out he is going away!! :roll:

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  • Hi hun, maybe you tested too early and just have a shy bean in there . I have my fingers and toes crossed for you xx
  • Oh my god. i have just realised i have been miscalculating my DPO i am only 5days DPO. i thought i was more xx
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