K-Lou... are you up yet???

We want to know how you got on testing :\)


  • BFN - sorry girls image I actually feel really upset about it this morning but I will be ok. I jusr brushed my teeth though and my gums are now bleeding which I never get so I have no idea what the hell is going on with my body.

    You have a fab holiday okimage

    K xxx
  • Sorry karen, but its not over til af arrives. Chin up girl-it may just have been too soon.xx
  • Thanks love but I think it's over for me to be honest with you, I feel like shit today for some reason and had a lot of cramps last night so I think she is on her way today.

    I am now 15 DPO so I think it should of shown up by now but it's ok there is next month and I will keep at it LOL

    K xxx
  • Sorry hon... it still could be too early but whatever happens stay positive. I want to come back in two weeks time to see you in a very good way BFP or not ok!!!

  • Well keep us posted , I have everything crossed that you are wrong, though will miss your posts on here when you get your BFP!xx
  • I got a bfn today too but i knew it would be as i have same af type symptoms as last month so i'm ok about it. Good luck next month K-lou. we may get to be cycle buddies if our af's turn up.
  • Ahhh thank you girls your so sweet image Don;t you worry I will be hanging around for the first 12 weeks trust me image You can't get rid of me that easier LOL

    K xx
  • Sorry to hear that K-lou, hope your ok. Hopefully your mums party today will take your mind off things x x
  • PMA on its way hun!xx
  • aww sorry to hear that hun. Fingers crossed for a BFP soon. Sending lots of PMA and babydust.
    Filo x
  • Awww sorry K. Hopefully af will hurry up and show, to not leave you in limbo. Then we can all build up our PMA for next month! ((hug)) xx
  • Its still not over yet hun. No af is a good sign.
    I think we should all try and hide K-Lou from the witch...........
    Whos with me in kidnapping K-Lou and taking her into hiding
  • sorry to hear that hun - hope you know one way or the other soon. xxx
  • Yes grab me and take me away - I am scared this is going to really hurt this month as last month was sooooo painful.

    Just made two lemon cakes for my mum's party to cheer me up LOL

    K xx
  • Hi Ladies, Im new here, but have been following this thread from a far!
    I too was up at 6.30am to do a test and also get a BFN.
    Only month 2 of "proper" trying, but was hoping for a honeymoon baby.
    No AF yet, due tomorrow, so I guess there is still a slim chance.
    I feel in a foul mood too, we put in such a good effort this month, had my legs up the wall and everything!
    I hate the wait for this to happen!
  • I am so confused I have just checked myself as I felt realy wet and I have loads of cm??? My cervix is still realy really high which I know means nothing but by now it;s normally low and hard??

    Can you still bleed even if you have loads of cm?

    Here is me talking about cm again LOL

    I am sorry girls you got BFN too, it;s ok though we will all be together for July image

    K xx
  • Sorry if that was TMI!!!! But I was so desperate to make a baby this month, I was prepared to try anything!

    Im trying not to think "whats wrong with me" too much, we BD either every day or every other day for the whole month - why didnt it work!?!?

    I too am learning so much about TTC, I thought it would be a lot easier than this.
    Its so hard to not become obsessed!

    K-Lou, im still symptom spotting too, feel realy sick today and my boobs are burting out of my bra - this doesnt usually happen before AF.
    Maybe we will still be lucky?
    No AF means there is still a hope.
  • K,

    you can have browny cm, but never heard of red blood with cm.
    Just to let you know, my cervic was high before I got my bfp.

    You never know, till af arrives. I really hope it is your month, even though you haven't got your bfp yet. Keeping fingers crossed
  • Good luck K-Lou, you really deserve it! Oh and stop putting your fingers up there, lol! It's amazing how much you check in with your cervix when you are TTC isn't it?
    Do keep us posted.....you have so much support here, it's really lovely!
    x x
  • I thought the nurse told you to stop checking yr cervix?? lol!! I am on the wait too as had BFN today!
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