Signing off...bye x

Im having a break from here ladies...

I am sad but, I have not been on here much recently anyway due to being really busy at work!

Im on cd6 on month 6 and got a bit down on how long its taking...

But the next 2 months are going to be mad hectic for me (3 weddings & a holiday) so hope it takes my mind off ttc and help me be so busy it may even happen (dare i say it?!)

So I wish you all best off luck with your forthcoming bfp's!!

Fingers crossed i'll be back with a bfp or just back in a couple of months with my head in a whirl and refreshed eagerness...?

Love Emma x


  • good luck Emma! Please come back when your ready! Enjoy the weddings & holiday. Hope to see you bk here soon.x
  • Bye bye Emma, have fun at all the weddings and holiday and hope you come back with a BFP. Good luck. Sxx
  • just wanted to wish you all the best and that i hope you have a good time at the weddings and holiday. as you say maybe it will take your mind of things and all of a sudden you realise AF is late and you get your BFP image

    sending you lots and lots of babydust and PMA.

    good luck hun xxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you Em - make sure you enjoy the next few months. xx
  • Hope you enjoy the next few months and perhaps get your bfp once the pressure is off. Good luck!!xx
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