POAS Addiction,, anyone else?

okay, i'm going to have to stand up and admit it,,,

"I'm a POAS addict, and i need help lol"

i bought some cheapie ebay one which detect 10 miu, and i find myself not being able to resist testing every morning :roll:,,, OH laughs at me image

i really wanna wait til monday to test now, but it's gonna be like soooooooooo hard trying to stop myself tomorrow,

anyone else in the same boat??

issy :\) xx


  • i've never tested early before but now i have some cheapie 10miu tests off ebay (came free with ov sticks) i found myself testing this morning 2 days early!!! BFN of course!!! When they're so cheap you find yourself saying "go on, it's only 10p!!

    hard not to isn't it!!
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