Is anybody trying to lose weight before they TTC???

I would desperately like to lose about 2 stone before we get PG and just wondered if anybody else in the same boat that we could maybe have a little challenge???? I'm currently at WW and have lost a stone so far but have hit a brick wall so need some motivation!


  • hi sep, i am trying to lose weight too. prob about2 stone aswell, im a size 12 but quite heavy and i carry the fat well if you get what i mean. when i tell people i want to lose 2 st they tell me off but iv been 2 stone lighter before and still a 12 but a small 12. well done for losing the stone. im just trying to eat healthier while ttc and will continue to do so. the hardest thing for me is getting my husband to follow. he likes quick fixes and healthy eating needs preperation. i like my sweet things thats the only prob i have really. cutting down portion size is hardbut works. eating slowly and enjoying each taste is a good thing to do. never letting yourself get hungry. are you excersising? x
  • i'm trying to loose weight and finding it really hard!! I need to loose about a stone/stone.5. I'm trying to eat healthy and swimming for an hr twice a week but not getting much results wise seem to have only lost 4 pounds in 2 weeks image

    We could maybe do a weekly weigh in? or post healthy recipy ideas?!
  • Definitely, me. I'm 12st at the moment, a size 16 and would really like to be 10st and a size 12 which is what I was when I met Husband nearly 7 years ago. I lost it a few years ago on WW but it all went back on so its back to the WW drawing board and so far its working.
  • I'm up for a weekly Weigh in! I get weight thursdays at WW, my problem at the moment is living with the MIL! We're building a house and living with her to save money but she is an alcoholic (sober for 11 years) and seems to have turned her addiction to chocolate. If it's not there I don't need it but when there are two kitchen drawers full of bars of chocolate and a cupboard full of crisps it's really hard, II don't feel like I have any control at all at the moment! I've thought about giving up weight watchers (it's expensive when you aren't losing) but by keeping going I'm hoping I won't put on the weight I've lost! I just can't wait for our own place again so I have my own kitchen etc!!
  • ..I'll join too! I'd like to lose about two stone also. I have no excuse really as OH is a runner so should really be out doing a bit with him - Ive decided Im def going to start next week once Im back at work (been off 3 weeks from lap and dye complications!) ...we do eat healthily through the week but it's weekends when its hard for us. altho we're not drinking at the mo due to OH having a second SA shortly... so why isn't it falling off me?!! aarrghh!!
    Good luck to us all!! XX
  • Hi girls im new to the site, but saw this chat and thought you ladies could help me, i've been told by consultant to loose some weight now im 12st 12 and he wants me to get between 8 and 9 stone by october or see some improvment by then.
    Im finding it really hard to get motivated to do exercise, our fridge is full of fruit and healthy foods and ive been trying to stick to low gi diet as thats suppose to be good for pcos sufferers im also on metformin. i just would like someone who can understand the difficulty of getting motivated image Hope everyone is ok xxxx
  • Hi Rosex86 I really can understand the difficulty in getting motivated, I started weightwatchers Feb 2007 and very very slowly lost a stone and now it's all gone out the window with everything that's going on at the moment! I'm just thankful I'm managing not to put it all back on, I have about 5 stone to lose in total but want to lose at least 2 before ttc, I know I can do it it's just getting my head round it.
  • I have lost just over 2stone with WW and am 1Ib away from goal weight!! I have had some slow times, and have found that swopping plans can kick start things off again!

    Lilac - you shouldn't lose more than 2Ibs a week as it is unhealthy and also easier to put it back on!! You are doing absolutely fine!!

    I find it works best for me when I am good all week, get weighed and then have a pig out of all the naughty stuff that night!! then get back on the next day!! It stops me craving! ie: after my weign=in yesterday I had a pizza, banana milkshake and 2 bars of chocolate!! yummy!!
  • im up for a weekly weigh in. im still carrying a little weight form having chloe. ive managed to loose just over half a stone. ive another 9pounds to go to prepreg weight but would like to loose another 5 pounds on top of that so about a stone altogether.

    wannabe a mummy i know exactly what you mean about the size 12 thing before i fell preg i managed to loose 1 1/2 stone and got down to a weight i wanted. when i started i was a size 12 and when i finished i was still a size 12 but just looked much better. i think its my boobs and my hips that do it.

    well done immense on the weight lose.xx
  • Maybe we should set up a little challenge for us that are trying to lose weight???? anybody got any ideas??? my main thing is not getting enough exercise! x
  • i'm trying but not having much luck. lost about a stone but thats took forever. with pcos i feel like i'm going in circles. doc tells you to lose weight but then they saying losing weight is hard cos of my pcos. arghhhh !!! so frustrating.

    how much does the average person put on during pregnancy or does it vary?
    my sister put on 6 stone. theres no way i want to do that. she just used it as a ticket to eat, but she regretted it after and she ended up diabetic during pregnancy.
  • i put on 4 stone. lost a stone and a half really quick. then another stone. till she was a year. it seems to be coming off now that she up and running me ragged (lol). i swear if i ate better i would be a size eight. hoping having chloe to run after i wont put as much on during next preg.
  • what di we do if we need to put on weight, im 7 stone and i need to be 8 to have a healthy bmi of 18.5. my periods are still fine and regular so its not a problem there but the doctor has suggested i gain weight so im in the normal catagory so i can handle pregnancy and child birth.
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