AF pains?

Hi ladies, hope you all had a lovely Christmas day!

I've got a question.
I usually get af pain at least a week before af comes, it starts off faint then gets stronger as the days go by. I think i ovulated on the 12th Dec, 2 weeks today, as i'd had ewcm for a few days then on the 12th i got really sharp pains in my left ovary. We bd on the friday and on the sunday, OH was too tired on the saturday image

So going off that af should be due this weekend. I've had no af pains apart from once in the middle of the night after i'd got up to go to the toilet, it was very light and didn't last long. I've been pregnant 3 times (all mc) and it sounds strange but at the start i only got af pains in the middle of the night, after i had got up for the toilet or something.
Then last night i got really bad af pain, didn't last very long but it came on with a vengance. Nothing since though.
I've had a lot of cm and sore boobs underneath and at the sides. But apart from that no other pregnancy signs. I don't usually get sore boobs before af.

Now i know af type pains are common in pregnancy but has anyone had a similar experience, where they've had barely nothing then suddenly got strong pains?

I don't think i'm pregnant but until i get af it's going to be hard to not think about it!

Thanks x


  • its so confusing and exciting but its hard not knowing and every one is so different. i wouldnt say i had pains i had the cramps (like af cramps) for 10 weeks wen fell preg with ryan.
    am scouting this site for some info as am 7 days late and have cramping and had slight spotting.
    the only thing i can suggest is test! im going to get a spensive one tomo! sounds like u have some of the suspicious symptoms but wen can u test will it be too early?
  • I could probably test tomorrow, maybe with a fr, but i've not bought one, i am going to wait till about thursday but to be honest i've had more pains so i'm convinced af will arrive within the next few days and i obviously didn't ovulate when i thought, or my lp is longer than 14 days, the lp is something new to me so i guessed at the average of 14 days.
    I'm pretty gutted and dreading seeing af. My oh is going away early Jan for 6 months so things are put on hold now. I actually want to cry now thinking about it. Nevermind hey.

    Anyway, good luck for when you test, keep us updated, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you x
  • I am now getting pain in my right side, it feels like af pain in my ovary, it lasts a few seconds and not that frequent, i don't usually get this before af.

    Anyone had this?
  • think positive poppy, like u say this is unusual for u xxxx
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