I feel so ill :( ......

Oh girls, i feel like absolute shit to put it politely!!! :cry:

My tummy is sooo sore, it kinda feels like bad period pain and trapped wind rolled together, i am soo tired, hot, sweaty..... argh!!

I am meant to be going to the cinema tonight with hubby, but ive told him i just want an early night. Jaimi-Lee is staying at her grans so at least i get the night off and Kev says hell go to the pub, so ill get peace image lol!

Why do i feel so crap? Maybe AF is coming to get me :cry:


  • Oh Hun that sounds awful, but if it makes you feel any better I feel much the same. Woke up feeling rather queezy, tummy ache, tired (but dd1 has kept me awake the last week so not surprising) and just generally off.

    Let's hope it's not coz of our af coming but coz our bfp is coming!
  • Forget af comming...i think BFP is on the cards good luck hope you feel better soon x
  • Oh i hope so, trying to stay positive, thanks girls xx
  • Definitely sounds positive, I've heard quite a few people say they have cold like symptoms before a BFP! x
  • Hi hun

    Fingers crossed its your BFP chick

  • i really hope you get a BFP soon hun.

  • How are you feeling today Mrs J? I still have a tummy ache (not a cramp one just a normal ache) which is making me a bit queezy. Sooooo tired too!!!!!
  • How you feeling this morning? I'm pretty sure AF is on her way to me, i think i'm going to be out for this month image

    Fingers crossed for you image xxx
  • Can you not test today hun? Hope you feel better soon. I go on holiday tomo and need to know your news before I go lol! Fingers crossed xxxx
  • Haha Rach, u make me giggle!
    I am not gona test until mon, i did one yesterday but it was bfn, think it was maybe too early?
    Ive been really crampy today to the point that everytime i went to the loo, i expected to see blood as i was sure i had started my period, but none yet image
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