Positive OPK, where's my BBT rise??


Does anyone do both OPKs and BBT who might be able to help? I'm on my second cycle off the pill after nearly 7 months. First cycle was about 4 months and now I'm on CD65 of cycle two. I got my first positive OPK on friday at about 6pm but still haven't had a temperature rise:\?. I think I'm getting to the stage where it's looking like a false positive. I've had scans and bloods which didn't show PCOS as I know this can give false positives. I'm only using cheapies and I think I'd left it longer than 10 mins but I've never seen it this strong even after a long time being left. For about 6 days prior to the positive I'd had watery CM but no EWCM.

I had been taking a low does of AC for about 2 weeks prior to this but stopped as soon as I got the positive. I'm wondering if I should have carried on taking it.

Am I right to think I haven't ovulated......?

Thanks xxx


  • Hi littlewolf, taking it orally at 6.30am every day before moving, getting up, eating etc. The only thing that may vary is room temp, amount of sleep, amount of clothes etc.
  • it is possible that you geared up to ov but for some reason it had delayed itself, i did on one cycle get 2 lots of + opk i oved for real on the 2nd lot as i got my rise followed by af, i had very long cycles then

    i would carry on temping and bding, if you are accuratly temping it should show ov after 4 days,

    good luck

  • Thanks piggypops. I looked on ff chart gallery and a few graphs did that. Still low thismorning so I think it geared up and then gave up at the last minute. I stopped taking AC and EPO as soon as I got the + but maybe should have waited until the rise? I'm scared to start again in the vague hope that there is a little bean there, but fairly sure I didn't ov. Seeing a homeopath next tues so might leave it and see what she says.

    Thanks for your advice x
  • Hi StarryNu! I use FF too and my temp rise is usually 1-2 days after my positive OPK. xx
  • Hi just thought I'd share my experience. My temps were really erratic when I was temping orally and someone suggested I take it gaginally as it's more accurate. After I got over the intial ickyness of it, I've noticed a massive difference in my temps. They are following a much more readable pattern. Hth
  • Thanks Mrs R, I knew 5 days was a bit optimistic.
    Mrs Doc, I've been considering doing that for a while but not really wanting to, but if it does the job I suppose it's probably worth it......
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