+ on ov stick, did i ov today?


i used a ov stick this afternoon and got the smily face so does that mean i am ovulating today, tomorrow or yesterday? im a little confused?/

ashy x


  • Ashy you're back, how are you and your ds?

    We've been trying for number 2 for 9 months image

    Re your question, you'll probably ovulate either today or tomorrow..most likely tomorrow if this was your first smiley!

    Have you been trying long? x
  • hi goonie! glad you remember me! how are you? apart from not getting your bfp yet image we are not actually trying, but we had unprotected sex last night, tmi! so thought id just check if i am oving, so today was the first time i have used a stick! of course we would be happy if we did fall, but it wasnt this easy with DS so very unlikely! my little man is just amazing, he is 9 months already!

    ashy xxx
  • It could still happen, it only takes once and you might be lucky this time!

    Are you planning on starting to try properly?

    I'm ok, up and down with it all but have just started using a CBFM so am hoping this is going to be my month! DS is 14 months now, its gone so quickly! x
  • oh i really do hope it is your lucky month! wow doesnt time fly! we are not planning on ttc just yet, maybe when ds is a year old, in october. but if it happened we would be over the moon. when are you due af? im due around 7th aug!

    ashy xx
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