Is there room for one more? :)

Hi all, thought I'd try and barge onto this forum. I've been reading all your posts since I found out I was pregnant with my now 12 week old little girl, Alex. Myself and OH have decided to ttc baby number two. I've been having odd periods since Alex was born on March 5th. I had a period on April 16th and another on May 21st, so no regular pattern. I have been using OV sticks this month, too. So far all negative but I think it may be too soon. Not sure how long it will take but hopefully not too long. Alex was a beautiful accident, so dreading the whole 'wait and see' process. Looking forward to making some new ttc friends. image


  • Hello and welcome. Congratulations on Alex! I hope you aren't here for too long - in the nicest posible way of course!!
  • Hi and Welcome. Congratulations on your baby girl and best of luck for the next little one. :\)
  • Hi gemsie23, welcome. Beware you might get hooked on this site. Most of us are! xx
  • haha thanks Mithical. I know, I already am! I've been a member since July 07 when I found I was expecting my first baby. It's such a great site, and everyone's so supportive of each other which is a comfort. Even if it takes me a while to get my BFP I know there will always be someone to talk to... image
  • Hello. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. Hope your cycle sorts itself soon. Good luck.xx
  • hi and welcome, i joined the site when my little girl was 16months old and we started ttc no.2 in oct/nov 07, we're now on month 7 and daughter is almost 2 1/2 so i really hope i get my BFP soon as I really would love her to have a little brother or sister.
    good luck hun hope you get your bfp soon xxx
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