one week until testing!!

Just one week until I can test! Anyone else testing next week? I'm 7DPO, gonna find it so hard not to test at 10DPO but I really wanna leave it for as long as possible. The last week had dragged by! 2WW seems to be the longest 2weeks ever! All the best to those of us testing next week! xo:\)


  • arrrgh! hate it when BE says 'cant insert comment in tree' or so rubbish like that!
    anyway....hi rainbow! i am testing next thursday too - will be 1 day before af - but i cant wait! i am about 6DPO i think - are you charting BBT, have you got any symptoms?
    my temp went up quite a bit today and also had a lot of lower back pains (like af) and dizzy and feeling sick.
  • hi livvy, no i'm not charting BBT. Haven't had any real symptoms but did have sharp pulling/stabbing pains on Tuesday, especially bad tuesday evening but that's stopped now...that was 5/6DPO! We'll see if anything else develops over the next few days! xo
  • i've not had any sharp pains yet and i'm getting worried! still got horrible cramps in back though and its horrid! really hate this wait! i am SO tempted to test monday morning or something - but i know i shouldnt! would be way too early! x
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