Personal question about boobs x

Hi there

I was just wondering if anyone can shed any light for me. I seem to have lots of little White spots on my nipples. Could this be because period is due tomorrow? Does anyone else get this?

Thank you x


  • GC but I had this at the start of my pregnancy and still do now actually. I think a fair few of us September girls had it. Hope it is pg for you.

    Good Luck image Beth 17+2 xx
  • I always have this all month round! I just did a quick count and there are about 10-12 of them on the end of each nipple. I have always assumed it is normal... hope so anyway!

    TMI coming up but if I squeeze them gently a tiny bit of white stuff comes out like a spot popping (sorry, I did warn you!) :lol:

    In my case it's definitely not pg related as they are always there and have been for years, but if it's a new thing for you I hope it's a good sign! xxx
  • hi tilty yes i get that too hope its a good sign for you tho vicsy x
  • I put a post on bout 2 days ago bout the same thing i never usually have them (white spots) but i have them this month hope its a good sign x
  • Hi Vicsy, I think what you're describing are Montgomery's tubercules. There are some reports of them being a sign of pregnancy so fingers crossed for you! xx
  • Ahhh thanks girls

    I really do hope that this is the case. I've never noticed so many before, there is clusters of loads of tiny ones and a few bigger ones. I had a tiny bit of brownish cm but have had about a million bfn so just thought it was the start of AF.

    Am keeping everything posted and will let you know what happens.

    Thank you

    V xxx
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