some advise pleas about cm

hi ladies i was just woundering if any of you have had this i usually get cm around the usual time but i noticed that there was some clear then there was also some with a brownish tinge to it its no infection as no smell or itching( sorry tmi) has any one els had this thanks.x

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  • Whereabouts in your cycle are you?
    I usually get that a day or 2 before AF but this can also be a sign of implantation x
  • i hope its the latter!

    i normally get this right before AF though.
  • If I get this is it a sign that af is about to start with a vengeance. Although once I got it the day before ovulation.
  • hia im not jue to get my af for another week and a half so to early i think fof that hope it is a implantion one been trying sins june fingers crossed lots of pma thanks girls.x
  • Hi Jay79. I never get this but I have this time and Im due AF tomorrow. Mines a pinky brown cm and over the last few days been a real ewcm. Hope yours is implantation x
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