friday 13th !!

anyone else due on or to test on the 13th????


  • Good luck you too, lets hope friday 13th has the opposite affect on you and you both get your bfps. xxxx
  • I am due to OV that day LOL it is lucky for some so best of luck.

    K xx
  • Hope that days lucky for you too K-lou! xx
  • I'm due to ov then too. Good luck anyone testing then! xx
  • friday 13th is my DH's birthday so we will definately baby dancing that day! Its also quite near my OV date so fingers crossed!

    Good luck to everyone testing or oving...hope its lucky for us!


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  • think i am due to ov on the 14th but we are away for the weekend so i'm sure there will be plenty of BD!!!

    good luck to all those testing!!!
  • I'll be dpo14 that day so I may test. Latest af has been after 15dpo. Was going to try and hold out til the saturday but I may be persuaded to join you on the 13th!!xxx
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