I have not missed it!!!

I am so happy i thought i had missed OV but i was talking to my friend she had just got her BFP!!!

Anyway she gave me all her OV sticks and i POAS and got a very faint line so am expecting OV tomorrow whoop whoop!!!! :lol: :lol:

I am so happy i thought i had missed it!!



    Woop woop Woop

    :lol: :lol:

    Off you go have some * wipers* sex image

    Gems xx
  • Hey

    that's great news, was the line lighter than the control line though?

    Unfortunately the line needs to be darker than the control line with opk's as there is always lh in the system.

    Fingers crossed that's not the case for you though!!

  • I am pretty sure its defo Ov its fainter than the control line but i have never had a really dark line anyways LOL

    Plus am now getting mild pains in my right side so defo OV whoop whoop CD17 today so ill take OV as CD18 then ill be 1 Dpo on CD19!! I am so glad i finally realise i OV late LOL :lol: :lol: Only took me 6 months LOL :lol: :lol:
  • Hahahahah it only took me 15 hahahahaha :lol:

  • I've never had a darker line than the control line on OPK's. Usually I just have the control and when I'm due to ovulate, or just have I have a faint line and when I ovulate (or am due to) the line is very dark but not as dark as the control line
  • hi hun, that is correct LH is always in the system, but i think not enough to give opk's a faint line every day as i only ever get the faint line day before ov, a darker lline on the next day and then fainter the day after which the only time i get this is when i o'v, so i would say get b'ding, lots and lots and great news you havn't missed it!
  • Get going MJ!!!!!!

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