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very dumb question?

I am just checking you do count your cycle from 1st day of last period (not last) dont you?


  • Yes - not dumb question at all. Also others clarified recently on here that day 1 is 1st day of proper red bleeding not days of spotting before (if you get any).
    Good Luck xx
  • yes thats correct, 1st day you bleed is cd1
  • Thanks, I thought i needed confirmation, was driving myself insane wondering if Im right... lol
  • on the back of this, since finishing my pill/implant, do i even start counting a cycle of do i have to wait for AF?? like, i have been off contraception for 13 days so am i on cd13 or not as no af??? ta x
  • Hi oddsock, Im in same boat, would also like to know answer to your question, im assuming im on cd 26 (stopped pill 26 days ago). Help us please?
  • ah!! well i am glad you started this post!! and that someone is in the same annoying boat that i just wanna hop right out of!!!
  • I would wait until your first AF to start counting your days although bearing in mind your periods can take a while to return to normal after being on the pill
  • thanks annem!!! i am so sick of not knowing what is going on with my body tho!! and its only been 2 weeks image
  • I started counting with CD1 being the first day of my period even though it was the 'pill period'. It was useful to know how long I waited to get my first real AF which I am pleased to now know (44). On cd43 I did have alot of (sorry TMI coming) brown blood though which wasn't spotting and was heavy but as it wasn't red so I counted from the next day.

    Nice to be posting with other newbies!!
  • yeah, there seems to be a few of us in the limbo of af or pg!!!
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