Think it is time i joined you...if you will have me :)

Hi, Im Cat.

24 have a lovely hubby and have a little boy who was 1 yesterday.
So already post in BIA 09 and planning but think it is time i admit that i am trying!

When i fell pregnant first time it was a happy accident, i had come off the pill for medical reasons and didnt have a AF for nearly a year was going for tests (showing no problems) but for some very silly reason had convinced myself i was not going to be able to conceive and therefore was not being careful.....then about 18 months got pregnant shocked (?!?ha) but happy. Had a wonderful pregnancy (mostly) and now have a happy healthy little fella.

Anyways came off pill in january so my AFs could get back to normal in view of TTC end of spring/summer. Told myself we are not trying just not being careful (if it happens it happens) but i am beginning to become a little obsessed looking for signs and symptoms, and wanting to BD alot more! ha. and think its time i admit that actually i am TTC!!!

You ladies always seem to be so helpful and supportive to each other and hoping you can also take me under your wing as i feel this journey of actually trying will be a little different


sorry so long!!!


  • hi, welcome! ive just come over to trying for a baby this weekend too. when we do concieve it will be our first. hope you get your second BFP quickly x
  • Welcome, love your user name image

    Hope your stay is short and sweet.

    Love MrsH xx
  • Hi hun, welcome to the section, hope your stay is short and sweet image xx
  • Welcome to ttc!

  • Hi hun,
    I am new to this too and also ttc #2! I came off the pill end of feb and waiting for my first real af to arrive - I too am trying to convince myself that i'm playing it cool but i am looking for every liitle sign that i'm pregnant!
    Keep in touch, xx
  • Aww thanks ladies!

    Wildthingv8: how ld is your little one? hard playing it cool, especially when everyone keeps asking! ha
  • welcome hun. good luck! xxxxx
  • hii ... welcome

    i am new here too and TTC # 1
  • Hello, again!
    My daughter is 9, she's so excited at the idea of having a brother or sister and she's at such a good age. I think I got my AF this morning, not disappointed though as it's a good sign that the pill is leaving me! xx
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