Does anyone wish...

that they still believed you only had to have sex once and you would be pg straight away? Sometimes i feel i know too much about how to get pg, signs, symptoms etc and i still don't have a bfp- hopefully will do this weekend tho.


  • Me me I do! I just thought it would take a drunken shag to get pregnant, hence being on the pill for 9 years! they really should explain things better at school! Although it did happen to a friend of mine recently, b***h! lol! Love her really! xxx
    Good luck with that bfp hun xxx
  • Yes! I've spent my whole adult life trying NOT to get pregnant and now I feel like I needn't have bothered as it's nigh on impossible....

    My best friend fell pregnant twice 'accidentally' while on the pill and so did my sis in law.....HOW???????

    L x
  • tell me about it- ive got 2 ex pupils one 17 & one 18 who are pg, not gonna do a glee tho and try to persuade them to give me them after faking a pregnancy lol x
  • Me! I do! I don't like knowing just how hard it is to get pregnant and all the things that can go wrong image ignorance is bliss and all that.
  • I fell pg with my 1st whilst on the pill (I have IBS) so wasn't all that effective, now ttc no2 which I thought would be easy now I've stopped taking it and its not happened yet!!! Aren't our bobies really very wierd
  • urgh its the symptoms that kill me, the way they are pretty much the same as if AF were coming, I hate that i second guess myself.

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