FAO anyone using clearblue digital ovulation tests?

Hi all,

I have a favour to ask!

For anyone who's using the CBD OPK's, do you know which line on the stick is the control line and which is the test line? I read something about OPK's showing up pregnancy, and I thought I'd test the theory out (I'm 6 weeks pregnant), and one line was really dark and the other wasn't that dark at all! I don't know which is the test line though, is it the one closer to where you pee or is it the other one?

Thanks in advance!
Kat x


  • hang on do they show pregnancy as i've been having 2 lines?!!!
  • i just replied... maybe it didnt work, i always get 2 lines... wtf??? does this show pregnancy? the first line closes to the right is dar and the others always lighter... dont think im preg as iv not had a smiley face at all? xx
  • just checked on the CB website, if u have the surge then the left line can be as dark or even darker that the right (which will be why mines pale no surge) and the right line shows that the test has been preformed correctly image hope this helps x
  • Great, that's what I needed to know (I actually looked on the website, not sure how I didn't see it!).

    The tests pick up the lutenising hormone which surges before ovulation, but that hormone is very similar to hcg, the pregnancy hormone, so it also picks up pregnancy once you're pregnant.

    My line on the right wasn't half as dark as the line on the left and I was a bit worried that the right handside line was the surge line - given it's not then it was a good result! That will teach me for playing around with ovulation tests. image

    Kat x
  • yeh ur fine... i really wouldnt test if ur preg, u shouldnt worry urself image things like this happen when u do lol. Ps is ur initials KP? so are mine x
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