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decided to go for it

my last post was should i try for another baby? and yeah we are gonna go for it.....lifes to short to worry about other me and OH are excited!! before when we concieved we weernt trying, now we are,so it seems different....because it just happened theother times, now im obsessing about OV and AF as its the first month i aint to sure how regular i am but...ive been looking on the OV calculators and stuff...looks like im ovulating between the 1st and the 8th do these tings work or is it best to just go at it every day until next AF(sorry if its TMI lol)? PLEASE HELP lol....has anyone tested today or had a BFP? xxxxxxx


  • hi, not tmi, lol, i used the ov calculaters n stuf n realised i ovulate about day 10 which i was surprised at. any way i am 6 days late and really hopeful, im never late and i feel a bit weird, but i have tested this mornin for the 3rd time since the weekend, and im still getin bfn but i did with my 1st til i was 2 week late. any way jus go for it, but mostly around ov and dont get stressed, good luck x x x x
  • thanks babe, good luck to!! 6 days late thats a sign!!! i cant affort ov sticks so im gonna try go by these calculators, i came on on the 24th....argh so confused lol xxxxx
  • yes i do agree its a good sign lol. i didnt buy ov sticks i used the info on cm i dont no if you have read up on it but if its clear and sticky like raw egg white thats when ur ovulating, i found that the most accurate way and it looks like it may have worked, good luck x x
  • yeah go for it why not! I think we're ov at around the same time - I came on on 23rd....I'm not going to us ov sticks as you are right they are very expensive, but I've been on fertility and they chart your cycles, and also going to try BD from day 9 to 17, every other day. 4th month of trying so hope it works!!
  • Good luck ttc Nikki. Glad you decided to go ahead after all.
    I use an ovulation calendar to avoid pregnancy at the moment so I know my cycles like that back ov my hand now! By chance I also came on the 24th. The calendar says I'm due to ovulate on the 9th Oct and my cycle is 29 days so if yours is 28 days it would be the 8th for you. Hope this is making sense! x x x
  • it kinda is lol, thanksfor the support!!! ill look out for the dluck everyone whos trying! xxxxx
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