So frustrated......

Sorry to rant ladies but I am so fed up....

I am now what I think is 3 days late.....AF was due on Tuesday, I think, never tracked my periods to the day but knew my cycle was around 30ish days. BFN's constantly but I seem to be having some symptoms - sicky feeling, dizziness, boobs are a little sore, I don't believe for one second that I might still get a BFP but I just want AF to show up now so I can get on with next month - Soooooooo annoying, never wanted my period more!!!! GRRRR!!

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  • ah honey i know its rubbish sometimes!
    you might still get your BFP if af doesnt show.
    i had all those symptoms too and did 6 tests but mine were all BFN and then i got af!

    fingers crossed xxx
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