New and confused!

Hi All,

Am new in this forum! this is our first month trying for our 2nd baby. didnt discover this fab site til was already pregnant with our son and I got pregnant v quickly 1st time round just after our wedding so didnt think too much about when we needed to "do it". Am pretty sure it will take us longer this time round seeing as life is very different now that we have one child!

So with this is mind, can anyone help me out with know all the abbreviations you're using? I'd like to know when to focus our efforts if you know what I mean!!

What is 2ww? Any more really useful ones I should know???

Thanks in advance and good luck to anyone waiting to test!!!


  • Hi there, if you go into the ChatRoom rules, all the abbs r there...2ww is 2 week wait by the way. GL! xx
  • Welcome to ttc Mrssp I'm in same boat. Felt pregnant wiv first baby on honeymoon and now ttc#2. I never realised how hard having to try is. You'll pick up all the abbreviations really quickly. The 2week wait is the 2 weeks you have to wait after you've ovulated.
    fingers crossed we won't be here too long.x
  • Oh and if u find a spare hour watch the great sperm race on youtube its fascinating
  • Hi Mrs SP, your in exactly the same boat as me!! it's our 1st month of ttc #2 & i'm finding all these abreviations soooo confusing!! i know that DPO is days past ovulation if thats any help lol!!
    We also have 1 ds who is 21 months old & he was a 'surprise' baby as we weren't trying when we fell preg with him so all this ttc malarky is new to us & me & hubbie just plan to stay chilled & have as much fun as we can for the time being!! I'm 30 now so prob not gonna fall preg so easily this time but falling preg in the 1st month will b a huge bonus!!
    What day of your cycle r u on hun? i'm only on day 2 so will b starting trying when af (aunt flo!) has finished

    Good luck honey & lots of baby dust xxxxx
  • Hello! And thanks for your messages.

    I will definitely have to have a look at the chatroom rules , it all might become a lot clearer!

    Its great to hear their are other people in the same boat - thats why I love this site! Am looking forward to getting to know everyone and hearing about your BFPs!! (see am learning already ;o) )

    I think I am on day 20, but its hard to tell because I've only just come off the pill and not had a real period as yet... and even ot sure what day to count from. Feel like a real novice!

    Hey happymummy, our little boy is the same age as yours! I am trying to imagine how it will be with another one like him - eek!

    Thanks again for your replies. xx
  • ha, ha..yeh i def think it's gonna b different!! they always say going from 1-2 is the hardest!! i think 2 will def b my limit (even though hubby wants 5!!) so a girl would b lovely this time image

    Only found this website few wks back but everyone seems so lovely, can't wait to join one of the 'my baby's due in...' forums image

    Take care xxx
  • It's nice to see there are even more ladies like me! We are also ttc 2nd baby, 1st baby was a honeymoon surprise! DD is 19 months now. We're month 2 of ttc and trying to not worry or stress but finding it a bit tricky adjusting to 'trying'!

    Good luck to all for speedy BFPs! X
  • Hi guys, i just wanted to let you know i put up a list of the abbreviations for you all in this forum to help you get on your feet. x
    Good luck ttc, im trying for no3! x
  • this is my 3rd month of trying for number 2 can't believe how hard it is, i concieved on my second month with my daughter and not beeing on the pill since Jan thought it would be a breeze, i forgot how stressful and upsetting it was. waiting to see if we've been lucky this months but not convinced we have, period pains have already started. good luck everyone xx
  • Hi Mrs SP - we are in the same boat too! This is our first month of ttc no. 2. Our dd (now nearly 11 months) was a happy surprise - I had the coil fitted at the time! Good luck to you and all the other ladies xx
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